A guide to hiring a photographer/videographer

Obviously, the last thing you’d want to see is an optician performing dental work on you. The same applies to photography, it’s a huge industry with many specialisations. At Ingrained, we are fortunate to have a pool of highly specialised people working alongside us for many projects.

Help us make it right by giving us all the information you can

By giving us as much information at possible from the beginning it helps us understand exactly what you are looking for.

What do you want photographed or videoed?

Hopefully it’s pretty clear that you won’t be approaching us for pet photography, we can recommend someone for that. Whereas by now you should be thinking “is the work produced by Ingrained right for our business?”

Whether you are looking for food preparation images, close up shots of components, or portraits for an up and coming campaign. The more information you can provide, the better we can subsequently quote accordingly for it.

Where would you want photographs or videos created?

Would you like us to come to you, a studio or an outside location?

Will it involve multiple sites or products or people?

This gives us an idea of scale for the job you are looking at having done.

Will the job require more than one visit?

We can get a good idea of the duration of the project with this.

What are the images or video used for?

For internal use, company brochure, advertising on billboard, social campaigns? Different usages are reflected with different market rates and are reflected in the quote that we can provide. Check out the article on commercial vs editorial pricing for more information on how these quotes are created.

The bits we need to tell you about

Terms and conditions can be annoying, but they are there to protect everyone, briefly, below is a basic outline of what the T’s & C’s include:

  • Payment is typically in 30 days unless otherwise provided with written agreement.
  • Usage of the media created is dependant upon the invoice being paid in full.
  • While we retain copyright, we do also have pretty open and straight forward usage terms that can be seen here.

Get in touch with us today

Drop us an email today to discuss your requirements and lets see if we can work together on your forthcoming project.

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