In And Out Of Space by Charlotte Colbert. Book cover phootgraphy for Gazelli Art House.

Art Reproduction and Product Photography

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Art Reproduction and Product Photography

One of my clients recently asked me if I could photograph book covers of various artists work for their online store. My client was facing the problem of the previous photographer not being able to maintain a uniform and consistent approach to scale/colour and positioning of the books when photographing.


Having looked at the previous images my client was using I was able to assess where it was going wrong and started to put through ideas to resolve the issues they were having. Upon further discussion, it was agreed that a ‘theme’ should take place in all book cover photography which allows for the full spread to be seen while also allowing suitable whitespace surrounding the book to act as breathing space.


Art reproduction photography and product photography can be pretty difficult to get right as all elements of the shoot needs to be calibrated in order to faithfully replicate the product that is being displayed. What separates it from most other shoots is there typically can be a ‘style’ applied whether consciously or not. Most importantly in this instance, there has to be a conscious process to maintain a uniform look throughout the product line.

To summarise, product and art reproduction photography are two elements which serve well to present either items for sale on your e-commerce store or likewise for archival purposes.

Art Reproduction Samples


For Gazelli Art House


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