Editorial Marketing Videos

More often than not, now, many users expect brands to engage in dialogue with their audience. It’s important to utilise editorial marketing as a long-term strategy within content marketing. It’s there to attract and keep customers and give a learning or entertaining point of view. Editorial marketing content steers away from the “I, we” of a brand and moves towards the “you” the customer/audience. Practices such as this increase engagement.
Audiences expect brands to curate and publish content to the digital world. Whether its the form of blog posts, photo essays or standalone video content. These serve to build up the premise of being a reliable and honest source of information. Rather than creating disposable content which has little to no brand appeal. Brands should now focus on creating a strategy that brings quality content to many social platforms.

Content VS Spam

Sharing of poor quality content is as bad as sending out spam messages. It is important to look at the quality over the quantity of your deliverable media. Firstly, this shows that you value your audience and customers alike. Secondly, it acts as a cornerstone for your brand and what you want your audience to share and engage with.
Deliver the right message to your audience. Short term viral content does not serve well in long term engagement with your audience.

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