ID, Passport and Visa services

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ID, Passport and Visa services

The Brighton Photo Hut

Today we announce the soft launch of The Brighton Photo Hut. A brand new service dedicated towards the multicultural city that is Brighton and Hove. Allowing the convince of having any type of ID photograph for anywhere in the world.

One of the first jobs our company owner had was taking passport photos at a shop that has since long closed. Now, generally, everything seems to be automated which is ok, in some instances, but not necessarily something you want when you literally have to put your face and name to it.

The benefit of The Brighton Photo Hut is a highly capable photographer can come to you. With the convenience of the highest quality ID photo possible at home. We guarantee it to be valid anywhere in the world, else you get a free re-shoot.

We believe in the quality of our work and we feel that there shouldn’t be any delay in your passport application. Why settle with an automated Photo Booth when you can be certain that your photo will be accepted irrespective of whatever country you are applying for.

Whether you are looking at an Argentinian visa or a Canadian passport we can cover it all. We have a dedicated FaceBook page that allows people to book at a time that is most convenient to you and we come to you, take the photo and prepare it for whichever country you require.

No more visiting embassies in London to have a specific photo taken, now it is possible to have everything done in the convenience of your own home.

We cover a large range of photo passport and visa requirements. See the list below of some of the countries we cover. This list is always expanding so please feel free to enquire if there is something you would like to know more about.

  • British Passport & Visa Photographs.
  • European Passport and Visa Photographs.
  • Chinese Passport and Visa Photographs.
  • Japanese Passport and Visa Photographs.
  • Argentine Passport and Visa Photographs.
  • Canadian Passport and Visa Photographs.
  • American Passport and Visa Photographs.

With prices starting from £25 and our guarantee. There is no better way to have the best photograph possible for when you wish to renew your passport, ID, or working and staying abroad.

Finally, we believe in complete transparency so we have complete outline of how we structure our pricing so there are no nasty surprises for you when you come to book.

CountryPassport/Visa/ ID photoplus digital proof emailedplus extra copies
UK£25£ 5£7
except Canada
£30£ 5£7
Canada£40£ 5£10

Why are Canadian passport photos more expensive?

Canadian passport photos are some of the strictest in the world. There are very high requirements to meet the guidelines as set in place by the Canadian government. As such we, as a business, are required to sign and declare that the person being photographed is who they are claiming to be. In doing so, we are required to see a form of identification. After that we are able to take the passport photograph then, in addition, verify by means of a signed declaration.


If you need a bit of light airbrushing for your passport or visa photograph, we can do that. We are however limited in terms of what can be done. Visible alterations must be kept to an absolute minimum, though things like blemishes can be removed upon request and for a small additional fee.

So, if you require Visa or Passport photographs for anywhere in the world. The Brighton Photo Hut is able to take care of it. We offer a range of services in which we can operate outside of the regular 9-5 working hours and deliver a high quality service at your home.

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