Pricing Art Reproduction Services

We provide a range of fine art reproduction and archival services covering both two and three dimensional mediums. From miniature paintings to cast bronze sculptures spanning meters in size there is a solution to capturing every object in-front of us.

Unlike pricing for most photographic jobs, fine art reproduction has a lot more variables in place to make it more confusing to accurately cost a job. Below we have come up with the best ballpark figures based on our experience within the industry. It would be best if you could contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Prices below are for the first piece of artwork plus each subsequent artwork thereafter. Artworks are captured in a high resolution format to allow for digital archival purposes.

(artwork resting at)
2D Medium, non metallic£120£60£140£70call
2D Medium, metallic£150£80£180£90call
3D Medium, non metallic£200£100£220£110call
3D Medium, metallic£250£125£280£140call

Art Reproduction for Art Students and Graduates

We understand that the need to be able to capture the highest quality images to display your project or showcase to prospective clients and galleries is essential to developing yourself post studies. We also understand that the material costs of your projects can be very high and during your time of studies funds can be limited. That is why we are please to be able to offer a sizeable discount to facilitate your progress.

(artwork resting at)
2D Medium, non metallic5025
2D Medium, metallic5025
3D Medium, non metallic7035
3D medium, metallic7035

Usage rights

Typically art reproduction can fall under two different types of use;

  • Archival use, typically reserved for insurers and artist reference
  • Commercial use, for the sale of prints, brochures, catalogs or collateral materials

Archival use is generally granted automatically on all art reproduction services. Commercial usage falls under a different category and would be requested in addition to the fees above. In order to accurately quote for commercial usage please get in touch with ourselves and we will be happy to quote and breakdown the fee.

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