Pricing Editorial Photography

In keeping with our transparency, we feel it’s appropriate to be open with all our rates and fees. Having done do with our Pricing Commercial Photography article we now cover the topic of editorial rates and fees. If you are unfamiliar with Editorial vs Commercial usage, please refer to the article to understand the differences.

Day Rate against Space Explained

When taking assignments we generally operate under a day rate against space contract. Once our clients see how the rates are calculated, it turns out to be a pretty simple and easy to calculate manner for costing a project.

Day rate against space is based upon the day rate fee where usage can be applied up to the value of the day rate, then the space rate becomes applicable. For example, a magazine wants an editorial spread of new properties being developed within a local area. The magazine commissions a photographer for 700 per day. The photographer creates 6 images that the magazine wishes to use. 1 image being the front cover, 2 images being a quarter page and 3 images being an eighth page.

Value (Each)Total
The Photographers Day Rate700700
Front Cover Image15001500
(Two) Quarter Page Image300 600
(Three) Eighth Page Image150 450

Under a typical rate plus usage contract, this project would cost £3250 before expenses

Using Day Rate against Space, this project becomes cheaper running in at £2550 for the client while still allowing the flexibility for usage. Essentially the day rate acts as a credit towards usage where the commissioning client can use the media up to the value of the day rate, and anything additional is calculated on top.

Our Typical Rates

Day Rate700
Up to and including Eighth Page150
Quarter Page300
Half Page450
Three Quarter600
Full Page750
Front Cover1500
Web Use, Large (3000 pixels on longest edge)500
Web Use, Medium (1100 pixels on longest edge)350
Web Use, Small (800 pixels on longest edge)150

Our Contract

Linked below, we have a copy of the Editorial Licensing Contract which we tailor to each client dependant upon their scale and distribution.


We are also happy to work on half day rate as well for certain projects. Though if you want to speak to us to get a better understanding of what can work for you, please get in touch.