Pricing Event Photography

With nearly 10 years of experience in Event Photography we understand that there are different markets and levels that people operate within. As such, we have compiled a breakdown of the types of typical event photography that are regularly commissioned. From corporate and hospitality events to festivals and nightlife. We have a proven record of being able to deliver what you want from your event.

Corporate Events

Trade Shows, Award Ceremonies, Presentations and Keynote photography

Live Music and Club

Clubbing, Nightlife, Live Music and Performance photography


  • Full day coverage (up to 12 hours).
  • Post production included.
  • Images supplied watermarked and ready for upload to social media.
  • Instant images available and ready to upload throughout the event (upon request).
  • Prices from £550 for full day coverage.
  • Larger resolution upon additional request for promotional and campaign usage.

Additional requests

Sometimes you may find an image that will work great for a promotion or campaign, for example, if you want to run a batch of posters or conduct targeted advertising to promote your event. We charge separately for this because of the extended use beyond the scope of the original job. This is pretty common throughout many industries. For more information on pricing for this, please refer to our commercial pricing article.

Instant images are great if you want to essentially have a live update of the event as it happens. This is something that is pretty straight forward to do however it does require us to work slightly differently and by giving you the information now you can decide if it’s right for your event.

Instant images are essentially the same high quality images you would receive after the job is complete except they can be delivered to you almost as the event happens. We would need to stop photographing and start editing to allow this to happen. Either that, or, we can bring in an editor to the event which can allow the photographer to maintain working continuity throughout the day.