Pricing Headshot and Portrait Photography

In order to keep pricing open and transparent we break down how we charge for our portrait sessions. Also, we understand that there are different requirements for the types of headshot and portrait photography you need. Below is our guide on what can work best for you and your team.

Corporate Headshot
Just the head and shoulders

Corporate Headshots

On average it takes typically 15 minutes per person to photograph a corporate headshot. We typically prefer photographing against a white or grey background as it helps maintain consistency throughout the entire process. There are times where sessions conducted over multiple days are required and a dynamic background can leave images looking inconsistent.

In the fifteen minutes this is what we do:

  • Explaining the process, relaxing the staff member and establishing a rapport
  • Guiding the person being photographed to feel confident infront of the camera
  • Positioning the person to ensure that the lighting and angle works for the type of portrait needed
  • Taking photographs and giving feedback to the person. Reviewing the photos and selecting what works. If needed we can take some more until they are happy

We take pride in taking great photographs. We understand that it’s a very personal experience and that the images are there to establish a positive brand experience and reference point for your clients. That is why we make the extra effort to ensure everyone involved has an exciting time and all pre photo nerves are gone and forgotten about.

Philip Colbert at the Saatchi Gallery
Outside of the box

Editorial Portraits

For when a corporate headshot is too formal, we sometimes like to get creative and think outside of the box. Ideally more suited towards those working within a creative environment or where context surrounding the subject is equally as important. Typically editorial portraits can take from 30 minutes to capture and in this time this is usually what happens;

  • Dialogue with the subject and understanding their background
  • Framing the subject in relation to the environment they are within
  • Relaxing and engaging with the subject to get the right angles
  • Capturing of the images either with digital or analog technologies

Corporate Headshot Pricing

Number of peopleCost
One Person£140
2 – 4 People£100
5-9 People£80
10-15 People£70
16-20 People£65
20+ People£60

Editorial Portrait Pricing

Number of PeopleDigital CostAnalog Cost
One Person£180£250
2-4 People£150£200
5+ People£100£160

Usage of Images

One of the things that often gets mentioned when purchasing photography is ‘ownership’ and ‘rights’. To keep it pretty simple, for headshot and portrait photography you get to use the images for your own business in all manners except for commercial advertising forever. For commercial advertising usage get in contact and we can quote accordingly for the scale of use. With regards to copyright, Ingrained owns all copyright of all images taken and the use of image rights are granted to you is on the basis of invoices being paid in full.


We hope that it has been broken down pretty well here, however if there are any issues that you are not sure about, or wish to discuss booking a portrait session sometime, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to see what can be done.