Pricing Real Estate & Product Photography.

The old adage, ‘how long is a piece of string?’ is very much applicable here. Dependant upon the variables will determine what a chargeable rate is. For some people photographing a product needs only have the absolute basics in order to deliver it to a client. For others, all the bells and whistles – used in a catalog, TV advert, special effects in videos or heavy alteration to the environment all add in to the final cost.

The Cost

All costs are based on media being used for social advertising, internet use, in store display advertising. For extra uses such as brochure, banner, billboard please contact us.

For Estate Agents

Property Type1-2 bedroom3-4 bedroom5+bedroom
Floor plan£20£30call
Videography£150 (75)£190 (95)call
Virtual Tour£200 (100)£250 (125)call

For AirBnB / Holiday listings

Property Type1-2 bedroom3-4 bedroom5+ bedroom
Videography £180 (90)£220 (110)call
Virtual Tour£250 (125)£280 (140)call

Car, Boat and Motorhome for brokerages and sales

Asset TypeRV or Vessel > 36ftVessel < 36ftCar
Videography£150 (75)£190 (95)£60 (45)
Virtual Tour£180 (90)£240 (120)£50 (37.50)

Car, Boat and Motorhome for private sales and listings

Asset TypeRV or Vessel > 36ftVessel < 36ftCar
Videography£170 (85)£200 (100)£70 (52.50)
Virtual Tour£200 (100)£250 (125)£60 (45)

The Deals

Typically for multiple requirements, a discount of 50% is usually applied for all additional services on the basis of having standard photographic services, for example, 2 bedroom apartment for an estate agents requiring 10 photographic images, a floor plan and virtual tour would be £75 + £20 + £200(-50%) = £195. Discount is not applicable to floor plan creation.

In the second example, a 38 foot sailboat for a brokerage requiring a full inventory of images, a narrated video walkthrough and a virtual tour. £150 + £190(-50%) + £240(-50%) = £350

With the exception of individual vehicles where a 25% discount will be applied for multiple services in addition to the base service.

Sounds good right?

We like to think that we have kept the pricing pretty simple and straight forward. Having years of experience allows us to understand your needs and deliver the best that your business has to offer. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you. Finally, if you have any special requirements we are more than happy to discuss in email or over the phone.

Click here if you want to see a sample of what we do when it comes to property and asset photography