Product Sales Video

Photography has been used in product sales for a long time. It emphasises the key features and focuses in on the areas you’d like your customers to see. Most items for sale online generally have an associated media asset, in most cases photography). However with product sales video playing an ever more important role in sales and content generation it’s possible to utilise this into the existing media asset libraries you have.

In social media videos account for 135% more organic reach than photo posts . Also audiences prefer to watch videos under 5 minutes in length on their smart phones. With many social platforms now offering video media content it makes sense to utilise these platforms further.

Maximise your presence online

Clearly, video is the way forward when it comes to content marketing and especially further delivering brand presence in a competitive market. Product walkthrough videos serve as an asset that can be utilised to mail out to prospective leads. Which can present a personable approach to your brand ultimately increasing loyalty and pushing for higher sales throughput.

By creating content for marketing purposes with the intent of pursuing sales and lead generation you can be sure that the media is being seen by a larger audience.


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