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You Need Content Creation for Learning

What is the first thing that people think when they hear ‘Content Creation’? 

Is it edgy youtube or instagram content? Designed to create likes in getting a brand name present within the market place? Or is it content creation to focus on your teams continuing professional development? Helping your business increase your ROI through effective learning communications.

We can probably say with a high degree of certainty that it’s likely going to be the former rather than the latter. That doesn’t mean that they are wrong. We have been working alongside brands for a decade developing their identity outward to consumers. Providing quality media services for social engagement as well as corporate identity. 

Training is something that most companies want to focus on but sadly doesn’t take as much precedent in the calendar as say launching an effective new campaign. Whether it’s time, money or availability to get everyone in the room at the same moment – training doesn’t need to take a back step. 

At INGRAINED, we work alongside organisations in developing visual media training and reference materials. Both for long term growth and public awareness. High quality audio and video content as well as still imagery can be used effectively to train a generation of staff both locally and internationally. 

Get in touch with us

It would be great to discuss your concept soon and understand your objectives in making the translation from paper ideas to media content. Each medium has its own benefits and drawbacks. It is worth considering further to determine the viability for your project. Enquire with us if you want to know more about what solution is best. Email us at [email protected] and we can get back to you with more information

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